//Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Origin Turkey Products: Dried & Frozen / Tubulosa, Polii, Mamata

An Aegean region species, Holothuria is collected by divers and kept alive until processed. Generally, Chinese methods and processing techniques of sea cucumbers are applied. Processing steps consist of cleaning, gutting, boiling, cooling, sun drying, packaging and storage.

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Dried & Frozen Holothuria Sea cucumbers

Common name: Turkish sea cucumber
All natural no preservatives. 100% sun dried and calcium free. Our mission is to provide the highest quality and selection of sea cucumber products at reasonable prices by maintaining a healthy relationship with our suppliers while recognizing the importance of conservation of a healthy environment.

Our unique dehydration process allows us to produce fully dried sea cucumbers while still retaining the majority of its nutritional value. Turkey sea cucumbers are cooked at minimum 3 times before naturally dehydrated.